How Technology Has Revolutionized Access to Healthcare in Southern Mississippi

Forrest County, MS has seen a steady rise in the number of patients seen by primary care physicians over time, despite the fact that Mississippi has the lowest net immigration rate in the country, with many of its citizens leaving in search of better opportunities. To tackle this issue, public health interventions are being implemented that make use of mobile health strategies such as text messaging, mobile applications, Internet access, email, video streaming, social networks, instant messaging, and more. The percentage of uninsured people in Hattiesburg, MS has also changed over time compared to the percentage of people enrolled in various types of health insurance. Movement trends over time in the state of Mississippi have been tracked across different categories of places such as retail and recreational stores, supermarkets and pharmacies, parks, transportation stations, workplaces and residential places.

Korean American women have the highest mortality rates when it comes to cervical cancer. To address this issue, Lee et al conducted a study to evaluate how text messages from mobile phones can be used to promote cervical screening and evaluate changes in knowledge and behavior. The results showed a statistically significant increase in knowledge about general cervical health, cancer, risk factors, and Pap tests, as well as a change in beliefs about Pap smears. The graphic below shows senators elected in Mississippi over time, excluding special elections, colored according to their political party.

Mississippi's outbound domestic trade is also expected to change compared to neighboring states. The F1 group showed a decrease in sedentary time and an increase in intensity compared to the participants in the P1 group, while showing greater improvements in the self-regulation of physical activity and greater moral support. The largest universities in Hattiesburg, MS by number of degrees awarded are the University of Southern Mississippi (3,414 and 72.2%), William Carey University (1,248 and 26.4%) and the Health Institute & Technology (37 and 0.782%). Mobile health technology can benefit rural populations as well as those living in urban and metropolitan areas. Recent technological trends indicate that rates of mobile phone use and smartphone adoption by those with the highest rates of health disparities are increasing.

This provides public health professionals with a means to reach these populations through mobile health interventions. Expanding access to healthcare is essential for creating a Mississippi that ranks highly for quality of life.

Abby Parrett
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