Unique Political Aspects of Society in Southern Mississippi

The Constitution of 1890 outlines the government of Mississippi as composed of executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Haley Barbour is a man of faith and family who has a clear, optimistic vision for the state. He is confident in the potential of Mississippi and its people, and is sure to be an excellent governor. It is our responsibility as citizens of a free society to go to the polls and encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same.

Haley Barbour will bring good governance and Amy Tuck will be a principled lieutenant governor. Margaret Ann Pickering is the wife of Judge Charles Pickering, who has been fighting for justice in the United States Senate. At the event, mayors, local officials, and Lynyrd Skynyrd band members were thanked for their support. It is essential to be honest and accountable with employees and shareholders.

Tax cuts should be implemented to stimulate job creation and economic growth. People should have their day in court without frivolous lawsuits clogging up files. A governor who stands up to personal injury trial lawyers and enforces medical liability reform is necessary for Mississippi. Education should be the top priority and Haley Barbour will support parents of school-age children by raising standards and providing a curriculum that teaches reading, writing, addition, and subtraction.

The government should provide compassionate help to those in need while understanding that hope comes from loving one's neighbor. The national security initiative should be properly implemented with good coordination between federal, state, and local governments. First responders should receive the help they need to do their jobs. The United States should spread freedom around the world to ensure long-term security. When democracy flourishes in areas of hate and violence, it will bring about great change.

Citizens must take responsibility for living in a democracy by going to the polls on Saturday nights. In 1890, Democrats regained control of the state legislature and passed a new constitution that established Mississippi's current political system. This system has been successful in providing citizens with a voice in their government while ensuring that all branches are held accountable.

Abby Parrett
Abby Parrett

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