Life Expectancy in Southern Mississippi: A Closer Look

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed that residents of Mississippi have the lowest life expectancy of any state in the United States. The average life expectancy for those born in the Magnolia State is 74.4 years, which is 6.5 years less than those born in Hawaii and California. The report also showed that life expectancy was higher for women in all states and in Washington, D. C., indicating a widening gap between states in the south and other states in the northeast and west.

The South and Midwest have higher obesity rates than other regions in the U. S., as well as poorer access to health care in some southern states. On average, residents of Hawaii live longer than residents of any other state, about 81.5 years, while residents of Mississippi live the shortest life, at 74.6 years. So why is life expectancy so low in Southern Mississippi? To answer this question, it's important to look at the factors that contribute to life expectancy.


is one of the main factors contributing to lower life expectancy in Southern Mississippi.

The region has higher obesity rates than other parts of the country, which can lead to a variety of health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Access to Health Care

is another factor that affects life expectancy in Southern Mississippi. In some southern states, access to health care is limited due to poverty or lack of insurance coverage. This can lead to people not receiving necessary medical care or preventive services, which can have a negative impact on their overall health and life expectancy.

Lifestyle Choices

are also important when it comes to life expectancy.

People who make unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or not exercising regularly are more likely to have shorter lifespans than those who make healthier choices. By understanding the factors that contribute to lower life expectancy in Southern Mississippi, we can work towards improving the overall health of the region and increasing life expectancy for its residents.

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