What are the Most Popular Occupations in Southern Mississippi?

The retail profession is the most popular job in Southern Mississippi, employing 35,100 people (3.19 percent of total employment). Occupational employment projections show the expected future number of workers who will work in different occupations in the labor market for a given period. The data in the projections will indicate which occupations are expected to employ more or less workers in the future. The top 10 occupations related to natural resources account for 67 percent of all jobs in this industry (see Table D10, Appendix D).

The top 10 occupations in the manufacturing industry account for more than 37 percent of all jobs (more than 54,000) in this industry (see Table D7, Appendix D). The top 10 occupations in the wholesale and retail trade account for approximately 73 percent of all jobs in this industry (see Table D6, Appendix D). The top 10 occupations in the health sector account for more than 43 percent of all jobs in this industry (see Table D9, Appendix D).In Southern Mississippi, the most common occupations are those related to natural resources, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and health. These four industries account for a large portion of the total employment in the region.

Occupations related to natural resources include forestry and fishing, mining and quarrying, and oil and gas extraction. Occupations related to manufacturing include food processing, textiles and apparel manufacturing, and machinery manufacturing. Occupations related to wholesale and retail trade include sales representatives, cashiers, and retail store managers. Occupations related to health include nurses, physicians and surgeons, and medical assistants. In addition to these four industries, there are other important occupations in Southern Mississippi.

These include construction workers, transportation workers, administrative support workers, and computer specialists. Construction workers are responsible for building roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects. Transportation workers are responsible for moving goods from one place to another. Administrative support workers provide clerical support to businesses.

Computer specialists design software programs and maintain computer systems. Southern Mississippi is home to a wide variety of occupations that contribute to its economy. From natural resources to health care to transportation and construction, there are many opportunities for individuals looking for work in this region. By understanding the most popular occupations in Southern Mississippi, individuals can better prepare themselves for success in their chosen field.

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